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glittter lamination film ZX-G002

Item Code:ZX-G002 Features:The glitter lamination is does to laminated paper baord by cold or hot lamination mchine and the to make different gift boxes or bag.
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Glitter lamination film

Thickness : 80 miron, 110 micron, 150 micron

Finish: Metalized, transparent and color

Substrate: Specialized PP film

Using: use it to lamiate paper board by wet or dry laminaton machine.


1.High Bond Strength Thermal Adhesive,
2 ahesive glue with release paper

Post Lamination Processes: UV Coating, stamping  and gluing.


Premium Metalized Glitter lamination Film:

1.Directly laminate to paper
2.The metalized glitter effect adds luxury and distinction to your product... 
3.whether it is a book jacket, softcover book, case bound book, gift boxes, menu, proposal cover or other luxurious print. Glitter film will enhance your image and beautify your presentation or package.

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